Custom Orthotics, Foot and Ankle Braces and Charcot Boots

Cathleen talks about the difference orthotics have made in her life and her overall experience at University Foot and Ankle Institute.

Custom molded orthotics are designed to support and comfort your feet, and only your feet.


Custom orthotics offer treatment and relief for a variety of foot and ankle problems including ankle instability, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, bunion deformity and arthritis.   


UFAI podiatrists: Premier Orthotic Specialists


The podiatrists at University Foot and Ankle Institute are proud to be the premier orthotics specialists in California. We make orthotics and custom braces for professional and college athletes.


Although athletes are a nice part of our practice, we really make orthotics for everyone from small children to the elderly to the weekend warrior. This is what we do!


Custom Molded Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, Arthritis and more...


Many foot and ankle conditions are caused by poor foot position or alignment and can be dramatically improved with use of custom orthotics. The purpose of orthotics is to hold the foot in a certain position while controlling the amount of motion the joints go through while standing, walking and even running.


Many athletes use custom orthotics to improve their performance and endurance. Athletes demand so much from their feet and ankles and even the slightest imbalance in their feet makes them prone to injury. Custom orthotics can reduce the need for muscles to compensate for such imbalances, improving muscle function and decreasing fatigue.



How Are Our Custom Orthotics Different From Shoe Inserts?

Orthotics Los Angeles, Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics


Over-the-counter shoe inserts are designed to fit the average foot, not the unique contours of your foot, and while they may provide some support they are not designed to treat your specific conditions.


UFAI podiatrists will carefully examine your feet as you walk and, if appropriate, run. Every situation and every foot requires a different amount of control and positioning and every foot has a unique arch and foot type. For these reasons, custom orthotics are significantly more effective than over-the-counter type shoe inserts.  



Will My Orthotics Fit In All My Shoes?


There are several different types of orthotics, those for athletic shoes to very thin orthotics used for dress shoes.  While orthotics work in most shoes, they will not work in flip-flops, or any shoe where the heel is able to rise off of it while walking.



How Are Custom Orthotics Made?


We take great pride and expend a lot of energy in making our custom orthotics nothing less than exceptional.


To create a great orthotic we first take a careful impression of your foot in a neutral position with a plaster molding technique. The UFAI podiatrists have found this to be the most reliable and sensitive technique in orthotic manufacturing.  The mold is then sent to our lab for fabrication with specific accommodations and support customized to each patient’s needs.  


The patient will return to the office to be fitted with the orthotics in their shoes. Another gait analysis will be performed to be certain the orthotics are performing the desired effect. There will be an initial break in period during the first week but after “getting used to the orthotics,” we recommend using them in all shoes in which they will fit.  Patients keep the orthotic molds at home just in case additional orthotics are needed or wanted.  Want to order another pair, no problem, just bring the molds and we simply sent to our lab without us needing to take new impressions.



Custom Foot and Ankle Braces


There are instances when more extensive bracing is required to accommodate a deformity or injury of the tendon, ankle or foot bone. These custom-made braces properly position foot and ankle joints that can relieve symptoms and reduce risk of further damage.  The added support a brace offers may also help reduce your chance of injury during sports activities.  The custom braces can be for temporary or for long-term use.



Custom Charcot Boots For Diabetic Foot Conditions


The Custom Charcot Boot is essential in the treatment of a Charcot foot, a condition that tends to afflict diabetic sufferers.  For patients with Charcot foot, weakening bones create a high risk for breaks and fractures.  Foot deformities and ulcers may also develop, nerve damage exacerbates the problem as patients may not feel or be aware of any injuries.


The Charcot boot protects the foot and ankle and helps prevent breaks and ulcers.  When an injury is present, the custom-boot aides with healing by easing swelling and reducing pressure on the foot. The Charcot boot offers support to the ankle joint and distributes body weight equally throughout the foot and leg.



UFAI: Custom Orthotics Los Angeles


The University Foot and Ankle Institute specialize in custom orthotics, braces and boots for the foot and ankle.  UFAI provides expert knowledge in the most friendly, professional and comfortable environment.  Request an appointment with a UFAI podiatrist at our Los Angeles or other Southern California offices today.



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Prior to surgery, snowboarding had become extremely painful with numbness, sharp pain & an overall inability to have control over my foot. This past weekend I went snowboarding & was completely amazed at how incredible my foot felt! Virtually NO Pain! I just wanted to thank you & let you know how grateful I am. Now on to Salsa dancing! CC