Dr. Brayton Campbell

Very satisfied. Dr. Campbell is knowledgeable and very helpful. Francine F.
Dr. Brayton Campbell, Santa Barbara Podiatrist

While many people might say they grew up in a small town, UFAI’s newest doctor, Brayton Campbell, really means it. Trego, Wisconsin, with its population of 885 is spread out among 347 households and 37 square miles.


It was in this idyllic town in America’s heartland that Brayton was raised, along with his brother and sister. Naturally athletic, Brayton enjoyed outdoor sports such as snowboarding, baseball (infielder) and football (linebacker), golf and fishing.


But in the back of his mind, Brayton had his eye on the prize. “I always knew I wanted to practice medicine,” he says. “I was especially interested in surgery.”


About 10 years ago, Brayton ventured south a hundred miles to attend the University of Wisconsin, where he received a Bachelor of Medical Science


Brayton’s next academic stop was Des Moines University College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, where he received his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree in 2011.


Brayton then took his residency at Department of Veterans Affair’s Loma Linda Healthcare System in Ohio. The three-year program is designed to produce a podiatric surgical specialist who is an expert in the recognition and management of all foot and ankle conditions.


While working on his residency, Brayton homed in on his future calling. “I was deeply involved in on-the-job career development, following multiple medical specialties. It was during that time that I seriously began to consider podiatry. I enjoyed spending time with the doctor and really enjoyed the way he interacted with his patients,” he remembers. “His patients were happy to see him and felt better when they left.”


Brayton continued his training by pursuing a fellowship at UFAI. He has also had foot-and-ankle treatment papers have been published in Podiatry Today.


“Dr. Campbell has a gentle bedside manner and skilled surgical hands,” says Dr. Bob Barvarian, co-director of University Foot and Ankle Institute. “He brings a small town sense of friendliness, combined with the medical skills of a metropolitan physician.”


Originally serving patients in the UFAI Santa Monica office, Brayton now works and resides in Santa Barbara. But one thing hasn’t changed: he still enjoys outdoor activities.


Two years ago, shortly after he moved to Southern California, Brayton took up surfing at Venice Beach and Malibu. Now, however, he has his eyes on Rincon. Also known as the "Queen of the Coast," Rincon is one of the most famous surf spots in California, known around the world for its well-formed waves and long rides.


When the waves are flat, however, Brayton enjoys golf and riding his motorcycle.


Dr. Campbell is available for consultation in the Santa Barbara office.


Brenda is a patient of Dr. Campbell.  In this video she discusses her recent lapidus bunionectomy and her experience at UFAI.
  • CustomerSure
    Dr. Campbell is a phenomenal podiatrist and surgeon!
    Amanda S.
  • CustomerSure
    I really like Dr. Campbell. He is easy-going, yet efficient.
    Julia S.
  • CustomerSure
    I am not kept waiting. Communication is easy with all levels of staff. I love the reminders that are done via computer, in that there are a lot loose ends in my day, and the reminders help me stay organized without h...
    Sharon E.
  • ZocDoc
    Thorough exam with reasonable, cost effective solutions recommended.
    Catherine M.
  • CustomerSure
    Very satisfied, and will recommend to friends and family.
    Pauline M.
  • ZocDoc
    Very satisfied. Dr. Campbell is knowledgeable and very helpful.
    Francine F.
  • CustomerSure
    I have had a hard time finding a doctor that is not rushing and truly listens. Dr. Campbell is really the best doctor I have been to in Santa Barbara. He listens, is thoughtful, and wants to make sure I understand. I ...
    Pauline C.
  • Yelp
    Dr. Campbell is fabulous both in personality & expertise.  I went into my appointment with 4 separate issues & he knowledgeably answered all of my questions & addressed all of my concerns.  Marta who helped to schedul...
    Lisa D.
  • CustomerSure
    I've already told Dr. Campbell that I think he's great. He listens to his patients and has a very cool, low-key approach that is genuine and comforting.
    Wendy V.
  • Yelp
    I am so grateful for Dr. Campbell!  He is very knowledgeable, skilled, thorough, and patient. His warm, friendly demeanor always keeps me calm (which is amazing for someone who gets as anxious as I do)!  During my f...
    Amanda S.
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