Jason Tanaka

My experience with UFAI has been nothing but positive! Your staff is truly responsive and very customer-oriented. My surgery experience was equally positive! Wonderful nurses and staff! I have actually recommended UFAI to several of my friends! Barbara S.
Physical Therapist Jason Tnanka, Univeristy Foot and Ankle Institute

Jason Tanaka, PT, DPT is a doctor of physical therapy based at our Santa Monica office. Dr. Tanaka was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, before moving to southern California to earn his Bachelor’s degree. Fortunately for us, he fell in love with the west coast and hasn’t left since!


Dr. Tanaka competed on the varsity swim team at the University of Southern California, which consistently placed in the top 10 in the NCAA throughout his time there. He swam the 100 Butterfly and the 50 and 100 Freestyle events and obtained a scholarship for his achievements.


During the demands of his training, Dr. Tanaka sustained a severe knee injury. He underwent months of physical therapy, and although the injury meant the end of his swimming career, he set his sights on a new objective: to study physical therapy and help other athletes like him on their path to recovery.


Dr. Tanaka set to work on his new personal mission at Mount St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles, earning his doctorate. He specializes in a therapeutic technique for Plantar Fasciitis and other conditions known as manual scraping (he assures us that it sounds worse than it is!). Manual scraping has helped Dr. Tanaka effectively treat painful conditions in half as many sessions as traditional therapeutic techniques.


Dr. Tanaka is a self-described workaholic who also works weekends at So. Cal. Hospital in Culver City doing acute physical therapy. He currently lives in West Hollywood with his fiancée, their dog, and two cats.



  • CustomerSure
    Dr. Franson is my doc and I have had four surgeries. He fixed my toe, as my bones were not healing. He put his heart into fixing me up!
    Melody G.
  • CustomerSure
    Everything about the office was clean, efficient and professional.
    Ronald G.
  • Yelp
    After 15 years of surgery fear and bad big toe joints I could hardly walk for more than 10 minutes. I have visited many Dr.s but was not comfortable until met Dr. Bob Baravarian 2 years ago in Sherman Oaks.  At 62, I ...
    Steve N.
  • CustomerSure
    Dr. Gary was terrific and numbed my toe before he did the procedure. It was absolute pleasure, with minimal pain and anxiety.
    Marcia C.
  • CustomerSure
    Best experience I've ever had. Gary Briskin is wonderful! Treated decently without stress! Learned that daily pain is unnecessary. My toes are gonna cry "Tee-hee-hee", all the way home. Thanks, Dr. Briskin; I can ...
    Judith D,
  • I am so grateful to have found you. I was dealing with so much pain and frustration for a lack of diagnosis. You have been very patient with me and all my questions and concerns. I appreciate how you take the time to ...
  • Yelp
    I am a huge fan of Dr. Bob. I play soccer for fun and have had my fair share of visits to his office. Each time he has been very quick in diagnosing the problem and finding a solution. It is frustrating other doctors ...
    Shahrad T.
  • Yelp
    Great Dr., great office, and wonderful patient attentiveness. Would definitely recommend.
    Roxana N.
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    Great doctors. Easy to make an appointment. Great staff.
    Francheska A.
  • Angies List
    Exceptional care. Was concerned that I was going to need surgery, but opted for Platelet Rich Plasma injections that now, two months out, have reduced the inflammation significantly. I actually played basketball last ...
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