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Foot & Ankle Conditions

UFAI, The Right Choice For Your Foot and Ankle Care

University Foot and Ankle Doctors

The team at University Foot and Ankle Institute is internationally recognized as leaders in foot and ankle care. We specialize in both conservative and surgical treatments for conditions such as ankle, toe and tendon injuries as well as deteriorating conditions like arthritis and bunions.

Though we are world class surgeons, we always try to avoid surgery since conservative treatments such as physical therapy, bracing, cast immobilization, custom orthotics and injection therapies solve over 70% of all problems.

We pride ourselves in offering the very best care, state of the art treatment in a professional, relaxing environment.


My surgery was an amazing success, and I was treated with great care. Thorough follow-up care brought me to a complete & painless recovery. I couldn't be happier! E.S.
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