Doctors TV Show - Foot Surgery while Pregnant

Updated 10/30/2018

As part of the CBS TV show “The Doctors,” in a segment entitled “The IV League,” Dr. Bob Baravarian of University Foot and Ankle Institute tackles some of the most complex and unique foot and ankle problems.


The IV league brings together top medical experts and surgeons in their respective fields. In this episode Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery must be performed even though the patient is pregnant!


This case involves Krista, a 32 year-old nurse that has a progressive nerve injury in her foot. She has tarsal tunnel syndrome, which is like carpal tunnel except it affects the ankle. As a busy nurse Kristin is on her feet all day, but every time she moves her ankle or puts weight on it, she is damaging tissue. The pain became so severe that at the end of the day she is barely able to walk.


Surgery to repair the tarsal tunnel was an obvious choice. But what complicates this case is that Kristin is in her second trimester of pregnancy. Kristin met with Dr. Baravarian and rest of the IV League to come up with the best treatment plan that was safe for both her and her baby.


While Kristin’s obstetrician closely monitors the baby, Dr. Baravarian performs the surgery to repair the tarsal tunnel. To eliminate any risk of medication crossing the placenta, Dr. Baravarian operates under local anesthesia.


The surgery was a success and Kristen is doing great! She was back to work after just 3 weeks, back to hiking and “feeling fantastic!”

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