UFAI Patient Testimonials


Our patients' own words are great way for anyone considering entrusting us with their care. See what our patients have to say and learn what the "UFAI Patient Experience" is all about.

  • Kathleen, Los Angeles

    Achilles Bone Spur

    Kathleen had been suffering for over 10 years and saw multiple doctors who couldn't help her. Then she found UFAI. Just weeks following Achilles bone spur surgery, she is now pain free!

  • Karen, Santa Monica

    Achilles Reconstruction Surgery

    Karen had Achilles reconstruction surgery following a fall at home. She discusses her experience at UFAI and the convenience of having imaging, surgery and physical therapy services all in one location.

  • Ken, Las Vegas NV

    Ankle Reconstruction Surgery

    Ken injured his ankle on-duty as a fire fighter in Las Vegas. After eight long years of pain, despite seeing many other doctors, nothing worked. Then Ken discovered University Foot and Ankle Institute.

  • Jeff, Los Angeles, CA

    Ankle Fusion & Reconstruction

    Jeff contacted UFAI when ankle pain and instability made walking virtually impossible. Jeff had ankle arthritis, tendon damage, heel spurs and other issues that only surgery could correct.

  • Kristin, Santa Monica, CA

    Bunion Correction Surgery

    Kristen suffered from bunions since she was a child. After much research and reading, she chose to trust UFAI. Kristen shares her story and amazing before and after pictures.

  • Adrienne, Valencia, CA

    Bone Spur Surgery

    Adrienne suffered for years with multiple foot problems before visiting UFAI in Valencia, CA. She was diagnosed with bone spurs and removal surgery was her only option.

  • Diane, Santa Monica, CA

    Bunion Revision Surgery

    Diane contacted UFAI after unsuccessful bunion surgery with another doctor in LA. Corrective surgery was the only way to get back on her feet and wearing the shoes she literally loves!

  • Barbara has been very athletic her whole life but suffered with bunions since high school. Now, in her 30's, she could not take the pain anymore and after much research, chose UFAI. This is her story.

  • Bryan, Los Angeles, CA

    Achilles Tendon Surgery

    Bryan came to UFAI after both his Achilles tendons ruptured due to an adverse reaction to a medication. To treat his bilateral Achilles rupture, double Achilles surgery was performed. Hear his story.

  • Mary Lynn, Valencia, CA

    Ankle Replacement Surgery

    Mary Lynn suffered from ankle pain for decades. Standing was excruciatingly painful, making her job as a teacher almost impossible. After hearing about total ankle replacement surgery she contacted UFAI. This is her story.

  • Cathleen, Valencia, CA

    Orthotics & Physcial Therapy

    Cathleen had a plantar plate tear and Achilles issues that were badly affecting her knees. She chose UFAI and was thrilled to have physical therapy and custom orthotics instead of surgery. See how it all turned out!

  • Meghan, Valencia, CA

    Calcaneal Osteotomy

    Meghan was unable to run without excruciating arch pain, which starting affecting her knees and hips. She came to University Foot and Ankle Institute and calcaneal osteotomy and tendon surgery was recommended.

  • Sue, San Fernando, CA

    Heel Spur Surgery

    Sue, an avid runner, has a goal to run a marathon in all 50 states. She began experiencing heel issues and came to UFAI for help. She was diagnosed with a heel spur that grew into, and tore, her Achilles tendon. You should see her now!

  • Barb, an avid hiker, developed a heel bone spur. After unsuccessful surgery by other doctors, Barb found UFAI who recommended a revolutionary treatment called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy.  This is her (non-surgical) story!

  • Howard, Valencia, CA

    Achilles Tendon Surgery

    Howard completely tore his Achilles tendon and came to UFAI for surgery. Since his Achilles repair surgery and physical therapy performed at our on-site clinic, Howard is thrilled to report that he is 100%.

  • Casey, Valencia, CA

    Bunion Correction Surgery

    Casey had been suffering from foot pain for years. After much research, she contacted UFAI and was diagnosed with a bunion and tailors bunion and surgery was recommended.  This is her story.

  • Bill, Encino, CA

    Morton's Neuroma Surgery

    Bill suffered from Morton’s Neuroma for over 20 years.  He's extremely active and began to overcompensate due to the pain which caused other injuries. Bill explains how Morton's neuroma surgery and UFAI changed his life.

  • Diego, East Los Angeles, CA

    Ankle Reconstruction Surgery

    Diego is very active, loves running and working out. When an accident left him with a severe ankle injury, he came to UFAI to be put back together again. Hear his story and how he feels he was "treated like family."

  • Rene, Simi Valley, CA

    Bunion Correction Surgery

    Rene is an endurance runner and relies on running for stress management.  When foot pain became unbearable, he reached out to UFAI where he picked his doctor because a runner too. This is his story.

  • Brenda, San Luis Obispo, CA

    Bunion Correction Surgery

    Brenda suffered from bunions for years and was unable to walk without pain. After much research, she came to UFAI and had corrective surgery with a recovery that was easy and without pain. See her story.

  • Mackenzie, Valencia, CA

    Pediatric Ankle Surgery

    Mackenzie, is a high school student and soccer player.  Initially treated for a short Achilles tendon at age 8, years later a sports injury brought her back.  Hear her surgery story and how she's dong now.

  • Kathy, Los Angeles, CA

    Hammertoe, Plantar Plate...

    Very active and athletic, Kathy's foot problems became so severe she couldn’t walk. Following bunion, hammertoe and plantar plate repair surgery, Kathy explains her quality of her life today.

  • Davina is an extreme athlete who came to University Foot and Ankle Institute when severe toe pain left her unable to walk and forced her to stop competing. How is she now? Watch her story and find out!

  • Beverly, Los Angeles, CA

    Tendon Extension, Arch Repair...

    Beverly's torn ankle ligament had been unsuccessfully treated by another doctor when she came to UFAI.  She was so pleased our treatment that when she began experiencing issues with her other foot, Beverly immediately came back to UFAI. She shares her amazing results here.

  • Roya, Valencia, CA

    Bunion Correction Surgery

    Roya was experiencing throbbing pain as a result of her bunions. After a recommendation from a friend, she came to University Foot and Ankle Institute where lapidus bunionectomy surgery was recommended.


  • Mary, Santa Clarita, CA

    Foot Wound Infection

    Mary suffered a puncture food on her foot. When she came to UFAI the wound was infected and she was days from losing her toe. Hear how Mary is doing today and why she recommends University Foot and Ankle Institute to anyone with any foot or ankle condition.

  • Cynthia, Santa Monica, CA

    Severe Ankle Sprain

    Months after her initial injury, Cynthia's ankle sprain still wasn't healing.  She came to UFAI following a friend's recommendation and physical therapy was prescribed. Hear how her ankle is doing after just a few short weeks!

  • Carmella, Ventura, CA

    Bunion Revision Surgery

    Carmella suffered through four failed bunion surgeries when she finally found University Foot and Ankle Institute. She said we were her "last hope." Carmella shares her amazing story and before and after pictures.

  • Angela, Castaic, CA

    Plantar Fasciitis

    Angela initially came to University Foot and Ankle Institute when her daughter suffered an ankle injury which required surgery.  Years later Angela began suffering from plantar fasciitis. She immediately came back to UFAI where they came up with a successful treatment plan.

  • Richard, Las Vegas, NV

    Heel Spur Surgery

    Richard's heel pain was so severe that he couldn't walk. After a consultation at UFAI, he was diagnosed with heel spurs and surgery was performed. Richard reports he is now pain-free and describes an "absolutely great experience."

  • Barbara, Venice, CA

    Bunion Correction Surgery

    After much research, Barbara put her trust in the doctors at University Foot and Ankle Institute where they performed lapidus bunionectomies on both of her feet.  Hear how Barbara is doing today and why she calls her doctor "my hero!"

  • Alan, Santa Barbara

    Hammertoe and Plantar Plate Repair

    Alan came to UFAI with a hammertoe, neuroma and plantar plate injury. He describes his surgery as "very efficient, painless" and was given "immediate relief."

  • After coming to UFAI for a second opinion, John knew this was where he wanted to have his bunion surgery.  Hear how John is feeling just 6 weeks post surgery...

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