UFAI's Clinical Trials

The physicians at University Foot and Ankle Institute are dedicated to bringing innovative technology to our patients through clinical research and trials. These trials involve investigating leading-edge foot and ankle care, products and devices.


Our clinical trials are carefully controlled research studies that gather scientific evidence to improve the ways we prevent, diagnose or treat foot and ankle conditions. Each clinical study is led by one of our trusted medical doctors and our professional research team.


Many patients who have taken part in our clinical research trials have been helped as a result of having access to state-of-the-art care they otherwise would not have had. The first people to have been helped by medication or a medical device are often those who were part of its clinical trial.

Active Trials:
  • Recruiting Now

    Plantar Fasciitis Pain Study

    Recruiting NOW
    Santa Monica
    Start Date:
    March, 2019
    End Date:

    If you are 18-65 and have heel pain in one of your feet for the last 3 months, you may be eligible for a non-surgical treatment at no cost to you. Trial volunteers will receive study medication and procedures at no cost to them, as well as compensation for their time and travel. (No health insurance is required.)

Concluded Trials:
  • Recruiting Closed

    Bunion Pain Study

    Recruitment Status:
    Start Date:
    November, 2018
    End Date:

    The Dystance study will look at the safety and effectiveness of a study medication compared with placebo (no active ingredients), given by injection, in adults ages 18 years or older with hallux abducto valgus (HAV), more commonly known as a bunion. What is learned from this study may help those with bunions in the future.