UFAI Patient Success Stories: In Their Own Words

  • Vera
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    Vera is a bunion surgery patient and is seven weeks pot-op from the MinVasive Bunionectomy and reports so little pain that no pain medication was ever needed.


    She is happy and pain-free!

  • Karen
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    Karen had Achilles reconstruction surgery after falling from a latter. She was so impressed with the coordination of imaging, surgery and physical therapy and the convenience of having all services contained in one place. 


    Her experience was so positive she has already referred friends to UFAI.

  • Nina
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    Nina is 5 days post-op from bunion revision surgery and reports she experienced zero pain, minimal swelling and that her toe "looks great".


    "The whole procdure from A to Z has been smooth and painless."

  • Kathleen
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    Kathleen was in pain for over 10 years and saw multiple doctors who couldn't help here. Then she found UFAI. Kathleen was suffering from a severe Achilles bone spur, one of the largest our doctors have seen, but just weeks following surgery she is thrilled to report she is pan free! Watch her story.

  • Barb
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    Barb's an avid hiker that developed bone spurs on her heel.  After several unsuccessful procedures and surgeries by other doctors, she found University Foot and Ankle Institute.  Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy was recommended and since her PRP procedure, Barb is not only back to hiking but totally pain free!

  • Diego
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    Diego came to University Foot and Ankle Institute when a work accident left him with a severe ankle injury after falling over twenty feet from a scaffolding.


    Diego says he  “was treated like family” at UFAI and is pleased to report that his recovery is going well with “...best outcome possible."

  • Rene
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    Like many endurance runners, Rene not only enjoys running, but also relies on it for stress management. So when foot pain made running unbearable, he did his research and reached out to University Foot and Ankle Institute.


    After a lapidus bunionectomy, Rene reports that he is not only running more than he has in the past, but faster and farther than ever before. But most importantly, Rene is now PAIN FREE!

  • Kathy
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    Once a very active and athletic person, Kathy’s foot problems became so severe that she couldn’t even walk.


    After bunion, hammertoe and plantar plate repair surgery at University Foot and Ankle Institute, Kathy is back spinning and hiking on the beach and says "the quality of my life is resuming, thanks to UFAI.”

  • Brenda
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    Suffering from bunions for years, Brenda was unable to walk without pain. After doing her research, she came to UFAI for a consultation and a lapidus bunionecotmy was recommended.


    Brenda describes her recovery from bunion surgery as “easy” and is looking forward to a lifetime ahead of her without pain!

  • Davina
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    With toe pain so extreme she was unable to walk, Davina is excited to be back doing sports and kickboxing.


    Davina is an extreme athlete that was sidelined with a debilitating toe injury.  After she did her research, she came to UFAI where toe surgery was performed.  Davina is happy to report that following the surgery, the pain is completely gone and she is already back to jogging.

  • Beverly
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    Beverly originally came to UFAI for treatment for a torn ligament in her left ankle. She said the experience was so great, she came back when her other foot began giving her problems.


    She has since had reconstructed arch, tendon extension and bunionectomy surgery on her right foot and is “extremely, extremely happy…feeling no pain whatsoever."

  • Roya
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    Roya was experiencing throbbing pain as a result of her bunions. After a recommendation from a friend, she came to UFAI for a consultation and bunion surgery was recommended.


    Following lapidus bunionectomy surgery on her right foot, Roya is happy to report that foot is pain free! She has since requested her UFAI surgeon correct the bunion on her other foot.

  • Mary
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    Mary came to UFAI with a foot wound. After an examination it was determined that she also had an infection, no circulation in her leg and “was two days off from losing a toe.”


    Nervous of her prognosis, Mary said the doctors “were so good with me… at the hospital they saw me everyday.” Mary is happy to report that she is now back to doing things she love and her leg and foot are healed and doing well.

  • Cynthia
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    After suffering from ankle pain and inflammation for months, Cynthia is feeling relief after just a few weeks of physical therapy.


    Cynthia came to University Foot and Ankle Institute following an ankle sprain injury that wasn't healing. She was prescribed physical therapy and after just a few sessions with the UFAI PT team, her ankle is stronger and feeling much better!

  • Barbara
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    Barbara, from Venice, loves to cycle on the bike path, but bunions got in the way of her favorite pastime.  After much research, she came to University Foot and Ankle Institute and bunion surgery was recommended.


    Barbara had lapidus bunionectomy surgeries on both feet. She now reports that her once crooked, painful feet are now beautiful and pain-free.  Barbara is back to biking and considers her UFAI foot surgeon a hero!

  • Mary Lynn
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    Mary Lynn's passion is teaching art to young children.  But years of severe ankle pain made this impossible. She heard about total ankle replacement and called UFAI's Dr. Franson.


    Since her ankle replacement surgery, Mary Lynn is once again able to do the things she loves:  traveling with her husband, walking her dog, teaching art and playing with her grandson, all pain-free!

  • Carmella
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    Carmella suffered through four unsuccessful bunion surgeries before finding University Foot and Ankle Institute and what she considered "her last hope."


    Since Carmella's bunion revision surgery at UFAI, she is finally able to get back to a job she loves. A job that takes her to Europe where she can now walk everywhere pain-free!

  • Adrienne
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    Adrienne had been suffering for foot problems for many years when she contacted University Foot and Ankle Institute. After an examination at UFAI, Adrienne was diagnosed with bone spurs and removal surgery was recommended.


    Adrienne is thrilled to report that since her surgery, she is once again able to work in her garden and play tennis pain free.

  • Bill
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    Bill suffered from a Morton’s neuroma in his right foot for over 20 years. His body began to overcompensate for the painful neuroma, which led to multiple injuries. When a second Morton’s neuroma developed in his other foot, Bill knew it was finally time to take care of it and contacted UFAI.


    Since his Morton’s neuroma surgery, Bill reports he is completely pain-free and back to all sports. His only regret is not having the surgery sooner.

  • Angela
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    Angela, from Castaic, brought her 8 year-old daughter to University Foot and Ankle Institute after experiencing a sports injury that required ankle surgery. Following the surgery she went on to play competitive and high school soccer.


    When Angela herself began to experience foot pain, she immediately went back to UFAI where they came up with a successful treatment plan for her plantar fasciitis.

  • Mackenzie
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    Mackenize is a high school soccer player and UFAI patient since age eight.  She initially came to UFAI when she was experiencing foot pain.  Diagnosed with a short Achilles tendon, she was able to avoid invasive treatments with a successful physical therapy plan. 


    Years later Mackenzie tore tendons in her ankle and surgery was needed. Working closely with the doctors, she was able to fully recover just in time for soccer tryouts!


    Mackenzie shares her experience at UFAI and why she wants to go into the medical field.

  • Howard
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    Howard came to University Foot and Ankle Institute after suffering a ruptured Achilles tendon.


    Howard had Achilles tendon repair surgery and was prescribed a recovery plan that included physical therapy. With Physical Therapy, which was  provided at our on-site clinic, the strength of his Achilles continued to improve and Howard now reports he is back to one hundred percent!

  • Richard
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    Richard, from Las Vegas, was suffering from heel pain so severe he could hardly walk. After much research, he came to UFAI where he was diagnosed with heel spurs.


    Since his heel spur surgery, Richard is walking two to three miles a day with no pain. In fact he didn’t realize how much pain he had been enduring, until now that he is pain free!

  • Meghan
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    Meghan, from Santa Clarita, was unable to run without excruciating arch pain. Her condition began to also affect her knees and hips. After consulting with Dr. Franson, it was determined that heel and tendon surgery was needed.


    Following her calcaneal osteotomy and tendon surgery, Meghan happily reports an amazingly easy recovery with such successful results; she elected to have the identical surgery on her other foot just two weeks ago.

  • Casey
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    After a lot of research, Casey contacted UFAI’s Valencia office for treatment. She was suffering from a bunion and tailor’s bunion and surgery was recommended.


    Just three months post surgery, Casey happily reports she is back to the gym, feeling good and can wear any shoes pain-free!

  • Jeff
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    Jeff loves the outdoors, biking, hunting, hiking, playing with his dog. Pain and instability in his ankle not only kept him from enjoying such activities but also made walking virtually impossible.


    After consulting with Dr. Baravarian it was determined that Jeff had tendon damage, bone spurs, ankle arthritis as well other issues.  It was agreed that ankle fusion surgery would be the best treatment, and now Jeff is thrilled to report that he has zero pain and is getting his active life back.

  • Alan
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    After rupturing a tendon in his foot, Alan came to UFAI. He was diagnosed with a hammertoe, neuroma and plantar plate injury and surgery was recommended.


    Alan describes his surgery as "very efficient, painless" and said he has never encountered a more positive attitude than he did with Dr. Campbell.

  • Ken
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    Ken injured his ankle while on duty as a fire fighter. After 8 years of pain and previous attempts at treatment, Ken contacted Dr. Baravarian. It was determined that he had major ankle instability and alignment issues and ankle stabilization surgery was recommended.


    Now just 12 weeks post surgery, Ken reports that he is running, riding his bike and swimming and is finally able to report back to full duty.

  • Bryan
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    Bryan visited Dr. Baravarian for severe pain in both his ankles.  After it was determined that both his Achilles tendons had ruptured, Dr. Baravarian performed a double Achilles surgery. 


    Now, just a couple month's after his bilateral Achilles tendon tear surgery he is not only totally healed and back on his feet,  but completely pain free as well. Bryan was kind enough to share his story with us.

  • Cathleen
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    Cathleen was suffering from Achilles pain and a plantar plate tear and was starting to experience knee pain as well. After an evaluation by Dr. Franson, physical therapy and custom orthotics were recommended.


    Cathleen reports that the orthotics and PT have made an "unbelievable difference". She is now walking pain-free and just completed the St. Jude’s half marathon.

  • Barbara
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    Barbara, from Redondo Beach, California has been very athletic her whole life. She has also suffered from bunions for just about as long. Once in her 30s, after years of rigorous sports, the bunions became too painful and she began looking into bunion surgery.


    After much research, Barbara chose University Foot and Ankle Institute for her bunion correction surgery. She is now once again able to do all the things she loves: tennis, hiking and yoga, to name a few.

  • Diane
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    Diane, from Santa Monica, visited University Foot and Ankle Institute when she was still feeling pain following what turned out to be an unsuccessful bunion surgery performed by another doctor.


    She decided that bunion revision surgery was necessary because she simply did not want to live with the pain. Just a few months after surgery, Diane now reports things are really great and she is finally able to wear her favorite shoes again!

  • Kristen
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    Kristen suffered from bunions on both feet since her childhood and decided to finally do something about it.


    After researching many foot surgeons and reading many reviews, Kristen scheduled a bunionectomy consultation with Dr. Baravarian. After meeting him and his staff, she decided he was the right person to perform her bilateral bunion surgery.


    She is now happy to report that she is not only bunion free, but pain free as well!

  • Sue
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    Sue is training to complete a marathon in each of the 50 states. She went to University Foot and Ankle Institute when she began to have heel problems.  After an examination, Sue was diagnosed with an Achilles bone spur and surgery was recommended.


    Since her surgery, she is not only back to running but has just completed her third marathon within the year.

  • John
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    John was suffering from bunion pain and came to UFAI for a second opinion. After consulting with Dr. Campbell, he scheduled his surgery.


    Just six weeks post surgery, John is feeling great and is very happy.

  • M.G.

    When I compare the surgery result and treatment at the Foot and Ankle Institute with the treatment at other offices I have been to, I am amazed.


    I am so happy with my surgery result and that I had Dr. Baravarian fix the foot that operated on first by another doctor.  This place is awesome.


    Love, M.G.

  • Brittania

    Dr. Baravarian,


    I am so grateful to have found you. I was dealing with so much pain and frustration for a lack of diagnosis. You have been very patient with me and all my questions and concerns. I appreciate how you take the time to sit down and talk. You are very good at what you do and I think it is important for you to know.


    Thanks again, Brittania

  • Miriam

    Dear Doc,


    Thank you for all your care and support. After 5 years of being in pain, you finally took care of things permanently for me. I can't tell you what a joy it is to be able to walk, or even simply pick up my kid and not be in pain.


    I'm forever grateful that you were my doctor.


    Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart. Miriam

  • Rashi

    Dear Dr. Briskin,


    Thank you so much for your skill and kindness before and during my surgery. I am sure that you have many patients that appreciate your work, but I would like to give you this simple greeting card to tell you how thankful I am of your professionalism and how attentive you are.


    I want to wish you and yours the best in the coming new year.


    Sincerely,  Rashi

  • Lilly

    I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for everything you have done for me. You have truly blessed me in more ways then one.




  • Sheri Ehlen

    I am an avid runner who was training for the LA Marathon and was sidelined with an extremely injured achilles/calf injury, so painful I could barely walk. I started therapy thinking I would never be able to run my Marathon with only five weeks to go!


    But I came to every appointment and did all of my home exercises religiously and slowly but surely I started healing. The tough part was not being able to run with strict orders from Suzanne until further notice and, again, I listened.


    After the third week into therapy and with two weeks to go until the marathon I was approved to go on small runs of 10 mins and slowly progress to 40 mins.


    Long story short, I made it to that start line on Mar 15th and ran with absolutely no pain at all from my injury for the full 26.2 miles! I would never have been able to accomplish this with just sitting out with the injury and I owe it to this group.

    I will miss you all after seeing you 3 times a week but you did your job and that is why I can run again without this injury. I always recommend your team to everyone I know because you are the best!


    Sincerely and Heartfelt, Sheri Ehlen

  • Mrs. Hanson

    Dear Dr. Baravarian,


    Thank you again for prescribing orthotics that fit and is comfortable and recommending shoes for my pronated flat feet. You deserve a big THANK YOU as these new orthotics made such a difference in my life. I must really have difficult feet to prescribe as the previous 3 podiatrists could not prescribe proper fitting orthotics.


    I no longer have foot/ankle discomfort which made it difficult to sit at times and to pursue outdoor athletic activities - walking, shopping and taking classes at the gym, etc... I no longer have to plan walking trips that revolve around how well my feet can handle them.


    The new orthotics allowed me to thoroughly enjoy my recent vacation to Cabo San Lucas walking downtown and in the resort.


    Its great to be able to walk in comfort.


    And thanks for the excellent service from your staff.  Mrs. Hanson

  • James

    Dear Doctor.


    Thank you, thank you, thank you.


    I can't thank you enough for all of those times you saw me at no charge. Many doctors would've turned their back on me the second my insurance ran out, but you didn't and you saw me at no charge.


    I want you to know how much I appreciate all of your efforts to help me and how much I truly respect you as a person and a doctor. Your kindness has brightened my world on many days that would have otherwise been gloomy.


    Please keep being the wonderful doctor that you are and know that you make a huge difference in your patient's lives. I think you are the coolest most awesome doctor ever.


    Thanks a million for caring so much. James

  • Michael

    Dr. Baravarian,


    I am writing this letter to thank you again for the work you have performed on my foot. Although i'm not 100% healed yet, I can already tell that things are going excellent in my recovery. As you know, I have been in severe and chronic pain for a year and a half. Every day has been a struggle, and my entire life had been turned upside down.


    But because you have corrected the surgery done poorly by another doctor, I can start moving forward with my life now. When you cut the cast off today, I couldn't believe that I felt no pain at all. It was a very emotional movement for me considering I never thought that I would be able without some form of discomfort. And you removed the cyst, and the stitches you used made my scar look so much better.


    Honestly, I cannot thank you enough - you are my hero.


    Regards, Michelle

  • Alexandra

    Dear Dr. Bob,


    Thank you so much for making me all better!


    Without you I don't know what would have happened to my tennis. You are an amazing doctor and person and I wanted to thank you! Thank you so much!


    I'm sad I didn't get to see you today; my mom said something about me going to school!


    I wanted to share this article that was in the daily news because with you, none of this would have been possible. Thanks again.


    Happy New Year, Alexandra

  • Julianne

    Dear Dr. Bob,


    You are the best damn doctor. Ever! Seriously. Ever. Thanks so much for your wonderful and amazingly generous donation to my 3-day for the cure fund raising. Both my mom and I truly appreciate and are touched by your support. It's people like you who make the world a better place to be!


    Much love, Julianne

  • George

    Dear Foot & Ankle "Brigade,"


    THANK YOU ALL for your treatment and constant encouragement. There were many times I needed to hear your words of reassurance. Next Christmas day in Antarctica I'll get champagne from the cruise ships and offer you a toast.


    Sincerely, George

  • Sara

    Dear Dr. Bob,


    Thank you for making my foot better.


    Love, Sara

  • Mahkameh

    Dr. Baravarian,


    I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful surgery that you have done on my foot. You are an amazing surgeon and anyone would be lucky to be your patient.


    Much love and thanks, Mahkameh

  • Claire

    Dr. Briskin,


    I am so happy that Ernie referred me to you - because I have had no subsequent problems with my little toe. In case, you aren't going to bill me for my portion of the visit - please accept this with many thanks.


    Gratefully, Claire

  • Sherri

    Dr. Baravarian and Staff,


    Thank you for all the compassion and hard work you have shown to me. I really appreciate it.


    Sincerely, Sherri

  • Kenny

    This letter is to let you know that you are the miracle man. Three months ago I decided to start playing tennis again. This is after a 13-year layoff. Well I thought I can walk without any problem, what the heck. So I paid a local pro to hit with me 3 times a week and join the west end tennis club to use their ball machine, to regain my strikes back. I was a pretty competitive player before 13 years ago.


    So now after 3 months of playing, I can be in the court for 1 ½ to 2 hours! Running back and forth! Amazing! Everyday! So now I have a purpose and a goal in my later years (I am 67!) and I usually hit with player a lot younger than me. I owe all of this to you! I look at it like a person getting out of prison.

    Thanks Again! Kenny

  • E.S.

    Dearest Doc,


    I'd put off foot surgery for years, but after my consultation, I'd found the right place! My surgery was an amazing success, and I was treated with great care. I was provided with thorough follow-up care, leading to a complete and painless recovery.


    I couldn't be happier! Thank you for everything,  E.S.

  • MJ

    Dearest Doctor,


    A note of thanks to you in the treatment of my foot.


    While I don't know the outcome yet. I would like you to know that I appreciate your expertise as well as your manner. I feel that I can connect with you, which is important. You are very good at the medical as well as the human part of it all and I feel fortunate.


    Best Regards,  MJ

  • Kerri

    Dearest Doctor Franson,


    While training to run my 1st Half Marathon, I started to experience terrible cramps in my calves. Most days I could hardly walk without pain, let alone run. I didn't think there was any way I could still participate in the race. I hesitated to see a doctor because I thought I would be told to stop running, or that it wasn't for me.


    When I saw Dr. Franson, I got encouragement instead of discouragement. I was then referred to Suzanne Hawson for Physical Therapy. She not only got rid of the pain, but she also taught me how to avoid further injury.


    Foot and Ankle Institute goes the extra mile for their patients. Suzanne helped me go 13.1 miles! On March 20th, I completed the Moab Half Marathon without any pain in my legs!


    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Kerri

  • CC

    Dear Doctor,


    I promised you that I would let you know if and when I was able to see a significant difference between my prior condition & post-surgery. I think that week 11 was the week that I was able to really feel a vast difference.


    Prior to surgery, snowboarding had become extremely painful with numbness, sharp pain & an overall inability to have control over my foot. This past weekend I went snowboarding & was completely amazed at how incredible my foot felt! Virtually NO Pain! It was an incredible feeling. So incredible that I stayed an extra day!


    Anyhow I just wanted to thank you and let you know how grateful I am.


    Now on to Salsa dancing!  Thank You,  CC

  • CC

    From my first visit to the Foot and Ankle Institute in Santa Monica to my last physical therapy session, Dr. Baravarian and his team always took the time to answer all my questions and do everything possible to ensure the best outcome from my surgery.


    I will definitely be back soon for surgery on my other foot!


    Thank you,  C. A.

  • Sam

    When I came to you I thought my long distance hiking days might be over. But with your care and skill I have had a miraculous healing in my foot.  For the many things you've done.


    Last Saturday I hiked in the mountains and my foot did fine for the first time in many months. When I write a book on hiking the triple cross (see map) you will definitely be in the acknowledgement.


    God Bless You and You're Staff,  Sam

  • Adrianna

    Thank you for making time on Friday to examine my "jacked up" foot!  I can only hope it is not beyond repair. Again sweetheart, thank you for your time and caring.


    Much Love, Adrianna

  • G.L.

    Everything was explained to me in detail and all of my questions were totally answered prior to my toe nail fungus treatment.


    My recovery was a breeze. I could not be happier with the care or the final result.


    Thanks for the great care. G. L.

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