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Updated 12/2/2020
Dr. Baravarian discusses the different types of bunion surgery.

Bunion surgery for our Northridge residents

First off, don't feel singled out for developing a bunion. This common foot pain affects up to a third of women and older adults.


A bunion, technically known as a hallux valgus, is a protrusion of bone that develops on the joint at the bottom of the big toe. The bump is the result of bone movement in the front part of the foot. When this happens the big toe is pulled toward your smaller toes and the bump sticks out. 


The skin over the bunion is often sore and red.


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Northridge residents want to know what causes bunions

There are several reasons people develop bunions and require podiatric surgery. The main culprit is wearing shoes with high heels or those with pointy toes. Other reasons include genetics, foot injuries, hormones made during pregnancy, and rheumatoid arthritis.


Not all bunions are created equal. Your DPM knows this.



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Mild bunion deformity

When a bunion begins to form there is no reason to rapidly approach foot surgery. There are ways to slow bunion development. Try wearing shoes that leave ample room for the bunion, perhaps soft leather shoes that do not rub on the deformity.


Our podiatrists can recommend soft pads to remove pressure on your bunion. Other remedies include custom-made orthotics and anti-inflammatory creams.


Moderate bunion deformity

A moderate bunion pushes against the second toe, causing it to weaken and form a hammertoe.


At this point, your podiatrist may suggest a bunionectomy. After the anesthesiologist makes you comfortable, your podiatrist realigns the toe joint back to its original position.


Severe bunion deformity

This is when the first bone of the foot moves away from the second bone and causes looseness and gross deformity. Bunion surgery may include taking out the enlarged portion of the bunion region, paring 



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Bunion surgery for our Northridge residents

As leaders in the field of bunion surgery, our foot doctors do not believe one solution fits all patients.


We carefully develop individual bunionectomy treatment plans that take into account the unique lifestyle of each patient. Podiatry has made great strides and we are leading the way in high-quality foot and ankle surgery.


So what is the right time for bunion surgery?

You know it well. You may have noticed a bump in the joint at the bottom of your big toe. Soon you are beginning to experience considerable foot pain. Your tight-fitting shoes are beginning to create foot problems. As your bunion worsens, activities become limited. 


You've tried every non-invasive bunion-correction treatment on the market. No one wants foot surgery, but the good news there are more pain-free options than ever before.


Types of bunion surgery

  • Lapidus bunionectomy– considered the Gold Standard
  • MiniBunion bunionectomy – our trademark system
  • Opening wedge bunionectomy
  • Akin bunionectomy
  • Tightrope with Austin bunionectomy
  • Austin or chevron procedure long arm osteotomy
  • McBride bunionectomy
  • Tailor’s bunion surgery


Our surgeons focus on performing the right type of surgery and a variety of methods to control pain, resulting in virtually painless surgeries. 


Our doctors can evaluate your specific situation and work with you to help reduce discomfort by trying the use of non-invasive bunion correction techniques.


Which Bunion (sometimes misspelled bunyon or bunyion) Treatment Option is Best for Me?

With our superior experience in evaluating all types of procedures and performing surgeries when that is the outcome best suited to the individual lifestyle of our patients in Northridge, we take great pride in applying our knowledge and decades of experience to create a unique treatment plan that may include one or more of the following options:


  • Bunion treatment without surgery
  • Minimally invasive bunion treatment
  • Conservative bunion correction
  • Bunion removal surgery


About the Foot and Ankle Institute (UFAI)

Our doctors and specialists are committed to applying the very finest procedures tailored to the unique condition of each patient. When surgery is determined to be the best option for providing the most positive outcome, it is critical to select the right surgeon to perform just the right type of surgery resulting in a virtually painless recovery.


UFAI provides a complete array of foot and ankle care. These include diabetic foot care, limb salvage, plantar fasciitis, and sports medicine. In addition to Northridge, we maintain separate offices in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach, Sherman Oaks, Westlake Village, and Valencia.


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Parking at our Northridge Office

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Driving Directions

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About Northridge California

Known as the Jewel of San Fernando Valley, Northridge is home to Brent's Deli, CSUN Botanic Garden, CSU, Northridge and Donald E. Bianchi Planetarium at SCUN.


Northridge is in close proximity to the cities of Burbank, Studio City, Encino, and Van Nuys.


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