Flatfeet Conditions

Updated 8/21/2018
Dr. Baravarian answers Facebook questions on the Home & Family TV show about flat feet and its treatment.

Flatfoot is a term used to describe a number of complex foot disorders, each with its own particular set of causes and symptoms. The one common thread running through these conditions is a partial or complete collapse of the arch of the foot.


When painful flat feet are left untreated, it usually leads to a worsening condition.


Our team of specialists work hard to avoid surgery to get you back to your life and activity in the most non-invasive manner possible.


We are nationally know leaders in understanding and fixing the symptomatic flat foot. Our doctors assisted in the design of many of the surgical procedures and orthopedic products used in flat foot surgery today.

  • This very common form of flatfoot usually originates in childhood, lasts throughout adulthood and typically worsens without treatment.

  • While pediatric flat feet is a fairly common problem, it's important to have them evaluated by a specialist to avoid future complications.

  • Also known as rigid flatfoot, tarsal coalition is a condition in which the foot is permanently fixed in a flat position.

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