Foot Pain in Los Angeles

Updated 10/30/2020
Foot Pain Los Angeles

For almost two decades, the podiatrists at the University Foot and Ankle Institute (UFAI) have helped patients with all types of foot care.


When developing a treatment plan for your condition, our podiatrists veer away from one size fits all solutions. Instead, each of our patients is given individualized care for their specific injury and lifestyle.


Our goal is to get patients back to their normal activities in as little time and with the least invasive treatment possible.

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What causes foot pain?

Everyone has foot pain but according to a survey featured in the Los Angeles Times, 80 percent of women say their feet are killing them?


Unlike the common fatigue you feel after a long day of standing or walking, chronic foot pain can indicate a different problem that needs to be addressed with medical care.


A variety of conditions can lead to foot pain, so it's important to address the cause to benefit the most from treatment.


The causes of foot pain usually fall into one of these categories: injury, genetics, congenital abnormalities, or over-use conditions.



Don't let foot problems ruin your life

Our talented staff of podiatrists is experienced at treating all types of foot pain. Highlights include:



X-rays, MRIs, and CT may be used when diagnosing your condition.



Chronic foot pain can ruin your posture

Your feet ensure the rest of your body is standing tall. When your feet are in pain, it forces your body to move in an irregular pattern to compensate. Aching pain then arises from your body's weight not being distributed evenly, leading to an imbalance of your posture.


To assess why your body is off-balance, your doctor will observe the angle of your stride to see if they are excessively pronated, supinated, or flat.


Pronated feet are angled inward, placing most of the weight on the outside and ball.


Supinated feet are angled outward, placing most of the weight on the inside and heel.


Flat feet have no arch support and, as such, place most of the weight on the middle and heel of your foot. If you have flat feet, you are more susceptible to developing a condition known as Plantar Fasciitis.


These various foot positions alter the alignment of your legs and pelvis and can negatively affect your posture.


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Non-surgical foot care in Los Angeles

While our physicians and sports medicine doctors are nationally recognized for their surgical expertise, they will avoid surgery whenever possible. Non-surgical options are often successful treatments for a variety of foot conditions.


Non-surgical treatment options include:


Regenerative medicines like platelet-rich plasma injections (PRP) help the body regenerate soft tissue. They increase the blood supply to the injured area, which prompts healing and decreases your inflammatory response.



Nationally recognized experts at minimally invasive foot and ankle surgery

Our DPMs realize that in certain cases, surgery is the only way to rectify foot pain. Bunion correction, hammertoe surgery, and Achilles tendon repair are some commonly performed surgeries.


Minimally invasive surgery is an option for the vast majority of our surgical patients. Patients benefit from our minimally invasive surgical techniques in many ways, including:


  • Faster recovery
  • Barely visible scars
  • Much less pain
  • Go home the same day of surgery



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Why Choose UFAI Doctors for Foot Pain in Los Angeles?

Our foot and ankle surgeons have the highest success rates in the nation. Whatever your visit type, you will receive a customized treatment plan that is ideal for your lifestyle. We're driven to get our patients back to their normal activities with the highest level of function, in the least amount of time, using the least invasive treatments possible.


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