The Doctors TV, Living with Plantar Faciatiis

Updated 10/30/2018

CBS welcomes University Foot and Ankle Institute's Director Dr. Bob Baravarian to "The Doctors" TV show.  In this episode, Dr. Baravarian discusses plantar fasciitis and performs 3 advanced treatments before a live audience. These revolutionary therapies include: Shockwave Therapy, Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy and Radio Frequency Therapy.


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    Dr Baravarian is always a pleasure to see. His care has solved my Achilles problem. I’m grateful for him and would gladly recommend him to anyone.
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    The office staff was courteous, professional and accommodating. Dr. Briskin was clear, concise and reassuring. His recommendations seem sensible and appropriate.
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    Dr Redkar is a wonderful doctor and I have a lot of respect and trust in her and the suggestions she gives me . Looking forward to PRP injections for my injuries and pain that re-emerged after a recent scooter accident
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    Great patient service
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    Very professional. Came here because my daughter had come here a year before and was dry pleased with the care she received.
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    Looking forward to the follow up, and hopefully getting more resolution for my daughters situation.
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    Dr Briskin was very helpful, and his staff are very nice. Also very helpful
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