Dr. Gina Nalbandian, DPM

Updated 9/23/2022
Dr. Gina Nalbandian, DPM, university Foot and Ankle Institute

Dr. Gina Nalbandian specializes in reconstructive and revisional foot and ankle surgery, foot and ankle trauma, sports medicine, lapiplasty, and limb salvage.


As the newest associate at UFAI, the doctor brings to the staff a lifelong love of sports and a deep passion for helping patients to live active lives.


Her interest in podiatry started while growing up and watching her brother suffer from flat feet. "It was tough seeing him in pain with no real options given."


“While looking into podiatry it was great to see doctors alleviate patients’ problems so quickly and how grateful they were,” says Gina, who is qualified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery. “I remember I was able to watch a flatfoot reconstruction surgery and it was amazing that the surgeon essentially created a new foot.”


Gina stayed active through her youth in Los Angeles and participated in competitive volleyball and track. She took a get-over-it-and-keep-going approach when suffering from minor physical setbacks.


The idea of practicing medicine blossomed during high school when she took part in a medical-focus program. “Being able to allow patients to walk, run, and play sports pain-free was definitely something I wanted to be a part of,” says Gina, who majored in microbiology at UC San Diego. “I love the diversity this field offers. You can see an ankle fracture, bunion, arthritis, Achilles tendinitis, and a diabetic wound all in one day.”


While an undergrad, Gina volunteered at free clinics, hospitals and with the AIDS Project in Los Angeles, all the while exploring various careers in medicine. She also conducted and published her research in the lab on campus. “I soon found out that the lab life wasn’t for me, and I wanted a more hands-on approach to medicine,” she says.


Dr. Nalbandian did her residency at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Boston, which is affiliated with Tufts University. As a resident, she served an academic coordinator and chief resident.


A resident of Sherman Oaks, Gina continues to volunteer her expertise with the Special Olympics, Happy Feet (providing foot care at homeless shelters), and the Boston Marathon.


Gina is a member of American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS) and American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).


She speaks English, Armenian and (medical) Spanish.


Dr. Gina Nalbandian is available for consultation at our Westlake Village and Granada Hills offices.

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    Everyone was very polite, kind & helpful. Dr. Nalbandian did a great job. The surgery fixed my issue. As a result, I have no mo...
    Wendy G.
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    We’ll cared for as always.
    Robert S.
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    Always very personable and friendly front desk and nurses. Dr Nalbandian really took the time to go over my MRI, treatment opt...
    Jennifer A.
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    Doctor took good
    Sarah L.
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    Liked the doctor, nice staff and office will use again if needed
    Linda Q.
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    Dr Gina is a fantastic surgeon, I’m very happy with her pre and post op. She’s thorough and has a great sense of humor.
    Jonathan L.
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    very pleased
    Debasish M.
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    Excellent visit, all of my questions were answered, time was taken to be sure I was comfortable with all of the answers, and a ...
    Donna S.
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    Great team
    Elaine B.
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    Rey good, best Podiatrist!
    Gail H.
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    She is an excellent podiatrist.
    Ellen L.
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    Excellent service
    Louis A.
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