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Updated 8/2/2021
Nina is 5 days post-op from bunion revision surgery and reports zero pain and minimal swelling.

The Best Bunion Surgeons in Santa Monica

As an internationally recognized leader in the field of podiatric medicine and foot and ankle surgery for more than fifteen years, we've achieved a reputation as being among the most experienced and successful foot and ankle surgeons and podiatry practices in the nation.


Our surgeons are leaders in permanent bunion correction with surgical treatments that not only eliminate pain but leave virtually no scars.


Surgeries are performed on an out-patient basis in our state-of-the-art surgery centers. Additionally, our advanced bunion correction techniques and technologies make our bunion surgeries virtually painless.


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What is a Bunion?

A bunion (also known as hallux valgus) is a bony bump where the innermost bone of the foot meets the big toe.


This visible bump by the big toe appears when the first metatarsal shifts outward so the bone protrudes on the inside of the foot near the big toe joint. Sometimes a bunion develops at the base of the little toe. When that happens, it is called a "tailor's bunion."


Bunions are one of the most common foot problems for Americans and affect around 30% of adults. Two-thirds of bunions occur in women.

They're over 44 different types of bunion surgeries, but only a few are truly effective for our Santa Monica patients:


MinVasive Bunionectomy™

A procedure for those with minor to moderate bunions, our state-of-the-art minimally invasive bunion surgery option, has the tiniest incision ever.

Our MinVasive™️ procedure featuring the CrossRoads miniBunion™️ System allows for immediate weight-bearing in a boot without crutches.

Time in the boot is greatly reduced. Our patients are in a surgical shoe for 4 weeks and normal shoes at 6 weeks.


Osteotomy Bunionectomy

Minvasive Bunion Surgery, Santa Monica Bunion Surgeon, Best Bunions Surgery
MinVasive™️ procedure featuring the CrossRoads miniBunion™️

This procedure, now used for more moderate bunion deformities, is among the most common bunion surgeries performed today.


Our surgeons have revolutionized the osteotomy bunionectomy allowing for immediate weight-bearing, no cast, and a faster recovery. In most cases, patients are back in regular shoes in 4-6 weeks post-surgery. Additionally, by making the incision on the side of the foot, we can avoid a large scar on the top of the foot.


Forever Lapidus Bunionectomy™ 

For more advanced bunion deformities, this procedure is considered today's gold standard bunion surgical technique. With our trademarked Forever Bunionectomy™️, our bunion surgeons have improved the traditional Lapidus procedure by infusing stem cells and amniotic cells during surgery.


These advanced techniques speed up recovery and reduce scarring. Non-weight bearing and time in a cast are reduced from 8-12 weeks to 2-3 weeks. 


This procedure has the highest success rates with a virtually 0% chance of the bunion returning. Time in the boot is greatly reduced. Our patients are in a surgical shoe for 4 weeks and normal shoes at 6 weeks.


See more of UFAI patient before and after bunion pictures here.


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Essentially Pain-Free Bunion Surgery

We Rely on Advanced Surgical Technique to Control Pain, Not Just Drugs.

Lapidus Bunion Surgery, Forever Bunionectomy, Santa Monica Foot and Ankle Surgeon
Our Forever Bunionectomy™️ procedure

Unless the surgery is extensive, our patients rarely take over two pain pills after surgery and then need nothing more than Tylenol and an anti-inflammatory in recovery.


Our bunion surgeons control pain by:

  • Taking great care of the tissue with surgical precision. Never “hacking away” at the tissue. This takes years of training and expertise to perform good dissection.
  • A stable fixation to immobilize the bones. Hypermobility in the bones is one of the main causes of swelling and pain after surgery. Through the use of screw(s) and/or staple or plates, the bone is held properly in the area of correction resulting in less movement, less swelling, and ultimately less painkiller use.
  • A proprietary long-acting local anesthesia cocktail. 
  • Post-surgical anti-inflammation protocols and no major narcotics.
  • Fitting the patient with a stability boot to immobilize the foot. By holding the foot stable, there is less movement, resulting in less swelling and less pain.


Santa Monica Non-Invasive Bunion Correction Treatments

Foot surgery, no matter how minor, is still surgery and should be avoided whenever possible. And though technically the only method for fixing a bunion is with surgery, there are a number of non-surgical treatments that can slow down or even stop the growth of a bunion. These treatments can also relieve pain and help prevent further damage to the big toe joint.

We can also provide information relating to the great results being achieved from our cutting-edge bunion treatments with no actual cutting, such as botox, which can greatly reduce your foot pain.



What our patients have to say...




Which Bunion Treatment Option is Best for Me?

Dr. Bob gives a tour of UFAI's Santa Monica clinic.

Providing leading-edge care from start to finish, we always evaluate each bunion patient individually, there is no "one procedure fits all".


This is a critical part of establishing a unique bunion (often misspelled bunyon or bunyion or bunyon) treatment plan for our patients in Santa Monica, After a thorough examination and X-rays, our orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists will work with your to create an individualized treatment plan that is specific to your condition, anatomy, and lifestyle.


UFAI Santa Monica Podiatry Clinic

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2121 Wilshire Blvd.

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Parking Information:

Paid parking is available in the building. Metered street parking is available on both sides of Wilshire Blvd. and free two-hour parking is also available on 22nd Street. Please pay attention to the street cleaning signs as they do give tickets.


Driving Directions

From the 10 (Santa Monica) Freeway, just exit at Cloverfield Blvd and head North toward Wilshire Blvd. 

From the 405 (San Diego) Freeway, exit at Wilshire Blvd. West and head to Wilshire and 22nd Street.

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Learn more about our Santa Monica Bunion Surgery Center of Excellence here. University Foot and Ankle Institute is a nationally known leader in the field of bunion correction (also called bunion removal), plantar fasciitis, sports injuries, neuroma, hammertoe correction, foot and ankle surgery, regenerative medicine, and platelet-rich plasma, toenail fungus, flat feet, ankle arthritis, and foot care. Our board-certified foot and ankle surgeons have surgical procedure success rates that rank among the very best worldwide.


Conveniently located near Beverly Hills and minutes from Los Angeles and easily accessible from all of Southern California.

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