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Updated 8/2/2021
In this video Beverly discusses her bunion treatment and overall experience at University Foot and Ankle Institute.

The Best Foot Doctors in Koreatown Los Angeles

If you are contemplating bunion surgery, or have any other foot and ankle issues, you, of course, want the best podiatrists and orthopedic 

surgeons available.


At University Foot and Ankle Institute UFAI), our doctors are nationally recognized in the field of podiatric medicine and nationally recognized as a Center of Excellence for foot and ankle surgery in the Koreatown and Downtown LA area. 


Our podiatrists have decades of experience treating an array of foot and ankle conditions, with the highest success rates in the country.

Downtown Los Angeles Podiatry Location

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Suite 306

Los Angeles, CA 90017

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Why choose us as your foot and ankle specialist serving the Koreatown area?

  • Our broad understanding of the entire musculoskeletal system
  • Expertise to assess, diagnose & provide advanced treatment unique to your needs
  • Foot surgeons that address problems as part of your whole-body health
  • We treat the whole foot and ankle – surgically and non-surgically
  • Committed to getting you back on your feet as quickly as possible with the least invasive treatment
  • Our drive to deliver advanced treatments in a relaxed family-friendly environment
  • Well-equipped to treat a wide array of foot & ankle issues

How Our Foot Doctors are Different

If you are seeking a Koreatown “foot doctor near me” with in-depth knowledge and experience in handling all types of foot and ankle conditions, call us to schedule a consultation and learn more about our advanced and individualized approach to each and every patient.


We are a renowned name in the field of foot and ankle specialists and foot surgeons with in-depth knowledge of handling all types of conditions that affect your daily life, including:



We want to be your “foot doctor near me” for proper foot care in the Koreatown area. Our foot specialists create individual treatment plans to provide the finest care for each patient.



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Why Choose UFAI for Bunion Correction Surgery?


If you are contemplating bunion surgery, you, of course, want the best orthopedic surgeons available. At University Foot and Ankle Institute UFAI), our doctors are adept at more than 40 types of bunion treatment options. 


At UFAI one size does not fit all. Each patient is unique. Having foot surgery is a big decision so why not benefit from the best bunion surgeons in Koreatown.


The fact is, our great staff has revolutionized bunion surgery with procedures such as Forever BunionectomyTM and MinVasive Bunion SurgeryTM featuring the CrossRoads miniBunion™️ System. 


Both of these minimally invasive bunion surgeries means your recovery will be easy to tolerate and far less painful than more traditional types of severe bunion removal, which entail cutting of the bone below the big toe joint.


Our podiatrists are nationally recognized leaders in correcting bunion deformities. Many years of experience and thousands upon thousands of bunionectomies, means a positive outcome for our patients. 


Bunion surgeries are performed under general anesthesia at our modern surgery center. Our painless cutting-edge approaches almost eliminate the need for pain medications.


Patients Gain From Our Foot Specialists Experience

What makes us different from many other types of foot doctors is our commitment to providing our clients with treatment options based on their individual needs and often apply our knowledge and experience of regenerative medicine to our patient’s situation.


These are a few of the types of podiatric injuries we can treat as foot doctors using regenerative medicine:


Our Koreatown podiatrists and foot doctors are preferred providers 

We are leading foot doctors serving the Koreatown area in the field of podiatric medicine and challenge the concept that one solution fits all patients. Rather, as “foot doctors near me”, we carefully develop a personalized approach to foot and ankle injuries using proven medical treatments to ensure effective healing without the need for surgery whenever possible.


Located adjacent to the Good Samaritan Medical Center, the foot and ankle specialists at our Koreatown podiatry clinic is recognized as among the best podiatrists in Southern California and serves Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Silver Lake, and the Greater Los Angeles area. 


Services provided by Dr. Shahdad Saeedi, DPM.


Our Koreatown / Downtown Los Angeles Podiatry Clinic

1245 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 306
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(213) 878-1107


About Koreatown Los Angeles California


The Koreatown nightlife is something that has to be experienced. You'll enjoy succulent Korean BBQ restaurants, karaoke bars, glitzy clubs, and, of course, the landmark Wiltern Theater, an art deco music review.


By day you'll marvel at the dense mix of historic buildings standing by modern office complexes. Take in a specialty grocery store or a bubble tea cafe.


Just ten minutes away, driving directions to University Foot and Ankle Institute's our Koreatown / Downtown Los Angeles Podiatry Location.

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    Valencia UFAI is the absolute best.
    Kevin A.
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    Top notch!
    Dr. Gary Briskin is fantastic, and I have received excellent care from him and his staff for many years. I would nev...
    Carol C.
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    Dr. Bob is an outstanding foot and ankle doctor! He has helped me on multiple occasions including a recent broken ankle. Dr. ...
    Howard R.
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    Simply terrific and no bs, no upsell, super professional. The doctor's diagnostic skills were awesome and the best part was I d...
    Gregory L.
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    I got this text but I hadn't even seen the doctor. The last time I was at the doctor was like 2 months ago. I'm sure this was s...
    Melvin B.
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    Everyone has been so amazing and have taken great care of me, especially Dr Hamed Jafary!
    Lawrence O.
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    Dr. Franson fixed my fractured foot and have not had any trouble with it since.
    John B.
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    Always good service at University Foot and Ankle
    Linda D.
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    Very well run office Kind help and Dr Briskin rocks
    Myrna W.
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    The customer service is amazing and I’m very thankful for the doctor’s care.
    Veronica R.
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    Dr. Johnsonj was terrific. Great personality and confidence.
    Onofrio B.
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    You need better front communication
    I asked for my records. Had to call a dozen times.
    Linda A.
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