Arthrosurface for Big Toe Arthritis

Updated 2/6/2024
Julie had arthrosurface surgery at UFAI, hear what she has to say.

It used to be that great toe joint pain and hallux rigidus were difficult to treat and had limited treatment options. In most cases of moderate to severe arthritis of the big toe joint, a joint fusion was the only surgical technique available. Unfortunately, joint fusion makes your toe stiff, which limits your choice of shoes and activities.


That is no longer the case! The physicians at University Foot & Ankle Institute use the Arthrosurface procedure to relieve big toe pain. Arthrosurface® HemiCAP® surgery is a virtually painless technique that will have you back in your regular shoes in just 10 days.


Why Arthrosurface is a better treatment option for hallux rigidus

The Arthrosurface implant system is a metal partial joint replacement that has a quicker recovery than other big toe surgeries and allows motion in the joint while still offering pain relief. Our patients are on their feet immediately and back in sandals just days post-procedure.


Arthosurface - University Foot and Ankle Institute

Articular cartilage is the material that coats the bone surfaces within the joint and facilitates the smooth sliding of these surfaces against one another. The Arthrosurface procedure replaces the damaged or absent articular cartilage at the head of the metatarsal with a titanium implant, restoring mobility. In addition, the anatomic design preserves the natural curvature of the toe.


What’s the Arthrosurface recovery? 

The incision is closed with sutures, and the foot is bandaged. Postoperative instructions include early active toe movement with weight bearing in a surgical shoe. While some Arthrosurface surgeries may be outpatient for some, a hospital stay of one to two days may be necessary after the surgery.




About Anika’s Arthrosurface joint preservation systems

Anika is a global company focused on joint preservation and dedicated to offering significant progress in early-stage orthopedic treatment. This includes managing pain associated with osteoarthritis, providing regenerative solutions, repairing soft tissues, and implementing bone-conserving technologies for joints.


Over 50,000 patients have received relief from the FDA-approved Arthrosurface implant systems. In addition to hallux rigidus patients, Arthrosurface has provided knee, ankle, and hip replacements as well as total shoulder arthroplasty (shoulder replacement with OVO Motio Inlay Glenoid).


How University Foot and Ankle Institute leads the way

You can trust physicians at the University Foot and Ankle Institute to accurately assess your condition and provide a remedy with both near- and long-term solutions. That’s why we are regarded as the premier group of foot specialists in Southern California.


Podiatric foot and ankle sports medicine surgeons concentrate exclusively on the foot and ankle from day one of medical school. After medical training, they begin a rigorous three-year surgical residency. What sets podiatric surgical residents apart from general orthopaedic residents is they specialize in the foot and ankle while most (though not all) ortho residents do not.


We realize you rely on our decades of combined experience to develop effective foot therapy that returns the joy of activity, whether all-out sports or simply a stroll around the park. We also understand when advanced therapies may likely be ineffective and poor use of your health care dollars.


For a consultation please call (877) 736-6001 or make an appointment online now.


University Foot and Ankle Institute is conveniently located throughout Southern California and the Los Angeles area. Our foot and ankle surgeons are available at locations in or near Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks, the San Fernando Valley, El Segundo, the South Bay, LAX, Calabasas, Agoura Hills, Westlake Village, Valencia, Santa Clarita, and Santa Barbara.



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