Revision toe surgery

Updated 11/28/2023
UFAI patient Diane talks about her Bunion Revision Surgery to correct a poor outcome with another surgeon.

Unfortunately, not all toe surgeries result in a painless, nicely aligned toe. There are many reasons for a toe surgery to fail, including new structural problems, stiffness of the joints, and lingering pain.


Repairing a bad surgery requires a great doctor-patient relationship and careful consideration to correct the procedure appropriately.


Fortunately, the University Foot and Ankle Institute is one of the largest and most technologically advanced providers of foot and ankle care in the country.


The team specializes in revision surgery with state-of-the-art care in the most friendly, professional, and comfortable environment.

Revision bunion surgery

In some cases, bunion surgery (hallux valgus) fails. While this may be caused by a new structural problem or patient-related factors, including medical comorbidities or noncompliance with postsurgical weight-bearing restrictions, many failures result from poor surgical decisions and/or poor surgical technique.


A failed bunionectomy may be caused by:

  • Malunion and Nonunion. This refers to the bone healing improperly, leading to misalignment or deformity, causing foot pain and discomfort
  • Undercorrection of the big toe joint. Surgeons decide on the best method based in clinical and imagings findings (x-rays). If they pick a method that's not strong enough, they might not completely fix the issue, which could cause the bunion to return.
  • Overcorrection. The overcorrection of hallux valgus deformities occurs less frequently than undercorrection but typically leads to more severe symptoms and higher patient dissatisfaction. While undercorrection is often due to incorrect surgical planning, overcorrection is usually caused by technical mistakes made by the surgeon.


The University Foot and Ankle Institute podiatrists specialize in performing bunion-revision surgery. Many of our patients come to us after previous bunion surgeries at other facilities have proved unsuccessful. Revisions account for almost one-third of our bunion surgeries.


It is essential to choose your revision surgeon wisely. Bunion revision surgery requires the necessary experience and skill to understand and address the shortcomings of the original surgery.


If surgery is indicated, our podiatrists will discuss your treatment options. The type of surgical procedure depends upon the severity of the bunion, your age, general health, activity level, and the condition of the bones and tissue.


Failed Hammertoe - University Foot and Ankle Institute

Revision of a Failed Hammertoe Surgery

Regrettably, not all hammertoe surgeries produce a successful outcome with an aligned, painless toe.


Revision of hammertoe surgery is one of the most difficult problems to treat. Often, there has been so much bone removal that there is not enough left to correct the deformed toes. In some cases, there is enough bone, but the bone cut made is incorrect, resulting in poor toe alignment.


Fortunately, most cases of hammertoe deformity can be corrected with proper treatment. Corrections are performed with the use of special pins and possible bone grafts to correct the length and alignment of the toes.


Our surgeons have performed extensive research and perfected many hammertoe surgery techniques in the correction of hammertoe-failed surgery. Our doctors, surgeons, and physical therapists are the very best hammertoe treatment specialists in California. 


Failed Fusion Surgery Repair

Although it is rare for joint fusion surgery to need revision, there are several causes of fusion failure. These include poor fixation, lack of proper bone and cartilage removal from the joint, infection, and overall poor healing from the initial surgery.


Our podiatrists have extensive knowledge of revision procedures for great toe problems, including conservative orthotic and shoe modifications, revision osteotomy, fusion procedures, and implant replacement options.


Why Choose University Foot and Ankle Institute for Surgery Revision?

University Foot & Ankle Institute is one of the most technologically advanced podiatry clinics in the country.


Our foot and ankle specialists understand and treat foot and ankle conditions, taking full advantage of all the modern treatment modalities available. These range from conservative techniques to foot surgery using state-of-the-art technologies. Our team of podiatrists and foot and ankle surgeons provide expert knowledge when evaluating and performing revisions to foot and ankle surgeries performed elsewhere.



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