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Updated 10/27/2022
Foot Pain Santa Barbara

Treat Your Foot Pain at University Foot and Ankle Institute in Santa Barbara, CA


No matter your age or gender, you may be at risk of foot pain. From arthritis to nail problems to bunions, any number of factors and conditions can affect your foot health. If you’re suffering from chronic foot pain or an injury, don’t resign yourself to living with the discomfort.


University Foot and Ankle Institute in Santa Barbara, California, is here to help those struggling with various levels of pain and discomfort. Our physicians are experienced podiatrists in Sugar Land who work with the overarching goal of helping those in the community live pain-free lives.

Start Your Treatment with Obtaining a Diagnosis


Treating foot and ankle pain begins with exceptional diagnostics. Our Santa Barbara, California podiatrists have taken thousands of x-rays in order to diagnose bone diseases, check for proper bone growth and healing, and locate objects lodged in the bone. If the problem lies in your soft tissue rather than the bone, your podiatrist will schedule an ultrasound.


Ultrasounds are effective at identifying tendonitis, Morton’s neuroma, ligament injuries, and more. This diagnostic phase is of the highest importance in ensuring you get the proper care to address your foot pain. No two patients experience foot pain in the exact same way, and the University Foot and Ankle Institute team works to diagnose your specific problem.


Addressing a Wide Range of Foot Conditions in Santa Barbara, California


University Foot and Ankle Institute is among the top providers of podiatric care in the Santa Barbara, California area and beyond. We’re trained to diagnose and treat an extensive list of foot conditions, including, but not limited to, the following:


  • Adult Flat Feet/Pediatric Flat Feet: A hereditary condition caused by muscle imbalance.
  • Arthritis: This condition affects many parts of the body but can cause inflammation in the feet as well.
  • Athlete’s Foot: A disease caused by fungus between the toes.
  • Bunions/Tailor’s Bunions: An enlargement at the base of the big toe.
  • Diabetes: This common disease can cause additional problems for your feet, including ingrown toenails and bunions.
  • Fungal Nails: Thickening toenails, substances under the nail, lifting, changing nail color, and strange odors may all indicate toe fungus.
  • Ganglion Cyst: A mass of tissue filled with fluid.
  • Gout: A painful disorder that causes acid buildup in the tissues and joints.
  • Hammertoes: Unnatural bending of the toe at the first joint.
  • Heel pain: Pain in this part of the foot can be caused by sprains, fractures, tendonitis, and more.
  • Morton’s Toe: Disorder in which the second toe is longer than the big toe.
  • Neuromas: A benign, yet painful, growth between the third and fourth toes.
  • Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction: Issues associated with arch support and stability of the foot.
  • Sesamoiditis: Inflammation in the tendons of the foot.
  • Warts: Soft tissue lumps caused by a virus.


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We Also Specialize in Painful Ankle Conditions


In addition to foot conditions, we also specialize in ankle maladies. Our Santa Barbara, California podiatrists are also knowledgeable about numerous ankle conditions that could be affecting your quality of life. Come see us if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • Achilles Tendon Problems: Inflammation that affects the tendon that connects the calf muscle and heel bone.
  • Leg Pain: General leg pain may stem from a problem in your feet and ankles.
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome: Pain in the foot or ankle caused by similar reasons as carpal tunnel syndrome.


Women and Children May Need Special Foot and Ankle Care


Women have unique concerns when it comes to the health of their feet. Because of footwear like high heels, women may experience additional foot pain that can be avoided. Pregnant women may also experience more foot pain associated with weight gain and a changing body shape. 


Children also have special concerns when it comes to foot and ankle health, as their feet are still growing. University Foot and Ankle Institute recommends several ways parents can help their children maintain healthy feet that will last them a lifetime. Talk to our Santa Barbara, California podiatrists today about how you can care for your child’s feet.


Take Care of Foot and Ankle Injuries Right Away


Our patients at University Foot and Ankle Institute often visit us for foot and ankle injuries. You can damage your feet in a plethora of ways. Athletes often come in with broken bones or sprains, but foot and ankle injuries are entirely possible for those who don’t participate in high-intensity sports. Foot and ankle damage can result from a fall, stubbed toe, or auto accident. If you find yourself with an injury for any reason, pay a visit to our Santa Barbara, California podiatrists for treatment.


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Don’t Hesitate to Contact Your Santa Barbara, California Podiatrists


Whether you’re dealing with foot pain caused by tendonitis, a fungal infection, or an ankle injury, University Foot and Ankle Institute is here to help. We offer surgical treatments, as well as effective non-invasive options. You don’t have to live in pain—our trained podiatrists have the skill and knowledge to treat everything from bunions to fractured bones. Contact our Santa Barbara, California team today to address any foot and ankle conditions you may have.

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